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Icon Adventures In-Person Courses 2023

Byzantine Art and Art History – NEW intensive residential course for late 2023 and/or Summer 2024…details to be very announced soon. Priority booking and discounts available for previous Icon Adventurer’s.

Icon Adventures Online Courses 2023

Get Ahead with St Peter

Finding Francis: Franciscan icon painting and the Art of Assisi

These two unique online courses combine Trecento and Italo-Byzantine art history with a practical painting course, using Medieval Panel Painting techniques and quality traditional materials.These will be accessible, affordable and professionally delivered courses, using live online classroom seminars and pre-recorded tutorials.

All of these courses will be delivered in the late summer-autumn 2023 and then again in Summer 2024. Full details and booking will be available soon on the via Icon Adventures website.

Online Lectures

Helen is an accredited lecturer with the Arts Society and these live art history lectures often form the basis for her Arts Society work. The subject is usually a themes of Late Medieval Italian art and its intersection with Byzantine art and  iconography. Each talk will be about an hour long and, if available, can be booked here: Icon Adventures Online Events

Previous Lecture titles include:

Silent Witness:The Iconography of Easter

The Art of Survival:Post Plague Painting in Siena and Florence 1350 -1450

From Cradle to Cave:The Iconography of the Nativity in Late Medieval Italian Art

From Sinai’s Heights: Important Icons from St Catherine’s Monastery

Duccio’s Mysterious Little Madonna

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